Drawing heavily in blues and hard rock, Black Shepherd is a power trio from John's River area, WA. Justin Kautzman provides lead vocals and guitar, Steve Markham provides bass, vocals and trumpet, and Steve Stoken pounds the drums and sings back-ups. Black Shepherd was a project of Justin Kautzman, but the addition of "the Steves" is what really gave Black Shepherd the sound its fans love.

Heavy pounding beats, driving bass lines, and hard rock n' roll guitar all compliment the powerful vocals. Whether its a "hard n' fast biker thrash", or a heavy blues anthem, the energy is there that the crowds have grown to love.

Meet the Band

Justin Kautzman

Vocals & Guitar

They call him the Shepherd. Lead guitar and vocals that will melt your face.

Steve Markham

Bass, Trumpet & Vocals

They call him the Bass Man. Bass and vocals that will leave you memorized and in need of a cigarette.